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Seaman is a Political Comedian”- NPP Youths”

Some youths of the ruling National Party of Ghana, the New Patriotic Party( NPP) of the Western North Region(WNR) have described a fellow Mr. Ben Ali Seaman as a ‘Political Comedian’ who has been paid by the NDC to trading falsehood on their Regional Minister, Mr. Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu.

The group which called itself Friends of Aboagye Gyedu led by Mr. Isaac Nkrumah- the Secretary in an exclusive interview the Daily Dispatch Newspaper stressed that, “Mr. Ben Ali Seaman is a political Comedian, he has no credibility in levelling accusations against our Western North Regional minister”.

Mr. Seaman according to the group has paraded a lot of false allegations on the regional minister of which are circulating on social media that, the minister has giving out contracts to certain individuals and companies to embark on projects in the newly created WNR. However, “the allegations cannot be true since it is not in the power and purview of the minister to award contracts”.

Mr. Seaman said the regional minister is found of writing falsehoods against the people of Sefwi Bibiani Anwiaso- Bekwai municipal “but there is no iota of truth in those claims. No contract has been giving out in the region as we speak”.

They also debunked accusations that the Mr. Aboagye Gyedu, the minister has taken bribes from some youths recruited into the Public Service.
They said these mischievous accusations are groundless and untrue”.

They debunked Mr. Seaman accusations that the minister is unable to pull crowd for the party. Hitherto “the minister has won twice elections in opposition so where lies your bases?” They queried.

The raged youths alleged that Mr. Seaman has been reported by many youths to have taken sums of monies from them to give them jobs but he failed.

They said Mr. Seaman campaigned “skirt and blouse” against the minister in 2012 and 2016 election but the “he won”.

The group narrated that Mr. Seaman wants the downfall of the NPP in the WNR hence he is conniving and diabolically planning to meet some NDC party faithfuls to sabotage the party as 2020 elections approach.

They indicated that “Seaman is a born loser therefore I’m speaking on authority that whoever chooses him as a campaign manager will loose all manner of elections”. The statement of Mr. Nkrumah, the Secretary of the group.

However, they are ready to face Mr. Seaman in all fronts even if it will cost them a blood shed.

“You are an illiterate from NDC to have joined the NPP, never compare yourself to Mr. Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu our minister.

We are ready to meet you squarely.
We will deal with you.
we will make you face the law courts if you dare talk against our honourable minister”. The statement of the group.

By:Joe Marfo

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