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Passengers get stranded at Abuakwa- Asenemaso Lorry Terminal as ‘Macho men’ chase out Transport Unions

The Abuakwa- Asenemaso lorry terminal was completely close down last week after some unspecified well built (Macho men) invaded the scene with cutlasses and canes to chase out a 6 coalition of transport Unions.

This has rendered many passengers who are transported from the station (Kumasi) to various places like Goaso, Sunyani, Mankranso and many others go into a hell of a tough time and stranded in search for a veheicle to convey them to their destinations.

The coalition of the Asenemaso Transport union namely, Heritage, GP, King Jesus, PROTOA, Cooperative and Master Boat were formed to assist the Ghana Transport system to convey passengers to their homes without constraints.

Mr. Dwumfuo, the Asenemaso Heritage transport union branch chairman alleged that the closure of the Lorry station erupted when a group of well built men (macho men) invaded the terminal with cutlasses, canes and other harmful gadgets with the mission to abduct the us (6 unions) and as well shutdown the terminal.

“They however, succeeded because we could not face them; we wanted peace.
We ask them and they told us the chief of Asenemaso Nana Owus Appau III and the Assembly member for Asenemaso have sent us”.

The group claim the chief and the assembly member have stated earlier on that the station has not yielded any development in the community and therefore must be shutdown and run by themselves, hence its closure.

The formation of the coalition emerged as a result of the permit they acquired from Atwima Nwabiagya South Municipal Assembly to transact transport businesses via an application by Mr Boabeng Antwi (national Chairman for Heritage Transport Union).

By: Joe Marfo

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