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Do you know Dr Caesar Lina Energy Tea cures BP?

Many people have died while others are suffering beyond description because of Blood Pressure (BP).

The fear of BP by several, has undoubtedly sparked them to searching for the right remedy for the disease.

However, several palliatives especially herbal medicines have been assembled to cure the disorder( BP).

The latest herbal medicine to fast healing BP patients apart from the products ability to lower the risk of diabetes’s reducing breast cancer, stabilising energy levels, boosting metabolism, speeding up the burning of fats among others is Dr Caesar Organic Lina Energy Tea, the most wanted energy drink in the country.

Over 95% of it buyers and users who had BP have testified that they are relieved of the disease (BP).

The medicine’s users told Todayinformer.com via a thorough investigation and interviews that it rapidly heals Blood Pressure (BP) and its related diseases.

Even though FDA have not permitted M.Y Dr. Caeser Ventures- CEO, Naturopath Dr Caesar to advertise on Lina Energy Tea as a remedy for BP but Todayinformer.com can confidently say it heals BP.

Research has revealed that the product is a superb fat fighter, as it contains an active ingredient called EGCG which can speed up the rate of burning fats in the body. Besides burning the total body fat, Lina Energy drink targets the belly fats as well. All active ingredients present in the product activate fat burning genes in the abdomen to burn calories by 77 percent.

Prevents Cancer

Lina Energy Tea prevents the onset of different types of cancer including breast, lung and prostate cancers. Chemicals present in Lina Energy Tea especially EGCG are able to target the cancer cells leaving the healthy cells alone and untouched. Consumption of Lina Energy Tea is more beneficial to women than men in the case of cancer prevention. EGCG appears to inhibit colorectal cancers and may help in halting colorectal cancer in our body.

Reduces Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Antioxidants present in Lina Energy Tea inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus reducing the effect of getting bacterial and fungal infections. It also helps to alleviate the existing bacterial infections. A bottle of Lina Energy Tea usually contains 200mg of catechins that gives rich antioxidant benefits. Catechins in Lina Energy Tea inhibit the production of key enzyme needed by bacteria called gyrase. Gyrase is the target of many antibiotics that are chemically developed. Catechins extracted from green tea helped in treating the patients who had been infected by drug resistant called Staphylococcus.

Treats Skin Diseases

Dr Caesar Lina Energy Tea prevents and treats number of skin diseases including skin cancer.
The Polyphenols, antioxidants present in green tea are responsible for removing free radicals from the skin before they have the chance to attack the DNA in your skin cells. Else it can lead to skin cancer. Topical application of green tea extracts can help protect your skin against UV radiation and thus helps you maintain healthy glowing skin.

Good for Oral Health

Lina Energy Tea is a great natural source of fluoride, and a compound that is added to drinking water in order to prevent tooth decay. Lina Energy Tea in combination with its anti-bacterial effects provides a great natural way to help strengthen your teeth, which reduces bad breath. Because Lina Energy Tea controls bacteria, it lowers the acidity of saliva and dental plaque to prevent cavities. Its anti-inflammatory powers seem to help control periodontal (gum) disease, and also help killing the microbes which make our mouths stinky.

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